Individual Publications of CQP Members

In this page the Center for Qualitative Psychology gives access to individual publications
of its members outside the Nexus volumes.
If possible, we include links to the full text.

Ferreira, V. & Ricoy, M. C. (2017) The contribution of musical education textbooks to the use of ICTs., 40, 203-217.
>full text
Gento, S. (2007) Requisitos para una inclusión de calidad en el tratamiento educativo de la diversidad. Bordón, 59(4), 581-595 >full text
Gento, S., González, R., & Domínguez, M.C. (2012) The emergency of problems against coexistence and tolerance at the educational system. In S. Gento & R. González (Eds.), Educational improvement in Europe and other contexts: from theory to practice (pp. 85-131). Madrid: Author >full text
Gento, S., González, R., Palomares, A., & Huber, G. L. (2017) Perfil competencial del profesor en el siglo XXI. In S. Gento & R. González (Eds.), Liderazgo y calidad de la educación (pp. 89-140). Madrid: Universidad Camile José Cela
Gento, S. & Huber, G. L. Effectiveness of inclusive educational treatment of diversity
>full text
Gento, S., Huber, G. L., González, R., Palomares, A. & Orden, V. J. (2015) Promoting the quality of educational institutions by enhancing educational leadership
US-China Education Review B, April 2015, Vol. 5, No. 4, 215-232
doi: 10.17265/2161-6248/2015.04.001
>full text
Gento, S., & Vivas, M. (2003) El SEUE: un instrumento para conocer la satisfacción de los estudiantes universitarios con su educación.
Acción Pedagógica, 12(2), 16-27
>full text
González, R., Gento, S., & Orden, V. J. (2016) Importancia de la dimensión formativa de los líderes pedagógicos.
Revista Iberoamericana de Educación, 70, 131-144
>full text
Gürtler, L. & Huber, G. L. (2006) The ambiguous use of language in the paradigms of QUAN and QUAL.
Qualitative Research in Psychology, 3, 313-328
>full text
Gürtler, L. & Huber, G. L. (2007) Modos de pensar y estrategias de la investigación cualitativa.
>full text
Gürtler, L. & Huber, G. L. (2015) AQUAD 7 - Analysis of qualitative data and exploratory statistics
International Research Workshop, Flensburg, Germany, Sept. 29 - 30, 2015
>full text
Huber, G. L., Gürtler, L. & Gento, S. (2018) La aportación de la estadística exploratorio al análisis de datos cualitativos
Revista Perspectiva Educacional, 57 (1) (enero de 2018)
Medina, A., & Gómez, R.M. (2014) El liderazgo pedagógico: Competencias necesarias para desarrollar un programa de mejora en un centro de educación secundaria.
Perspectiva Educacional, Formación de Profesores, 53 (1), 91-113
>full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Ameneiros, A. (2016) Preferences, dedication and problematics generated by video games: A gender perspective.
Revista Complutense de Educación, 27(3), 1291-1308.
>full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Couto, M. J. (2014). Best practices with ICT and the value attributed by the students newly integrated in university. Educação e Pesquisa, 40(4), 897-912. >full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Feliz, T. (2015) Ubiquitous laptop use patterns exhibited by Higher Education students. Croatian Journal of Education, 17(4), 1071-1101. >full text
Ricoy. M. C. & Feliz, T. (2016) Twitter as a learning community in Higher Education
Educational Technology & Society, 19(1), 237-248
>full text
Ricoy. M. C., Feliz, T., & Couto, M. J. (2013) The digital divide among university freshmen.
The Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology, 12(2), 262-268.
>full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Fernández, J. (2013) Contributions and controversies generated by the use of ICT in Higher Education: A case study. Revista de Educación, 360, 509-532. >full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Fernández-Rodríguez, J. (2013). The university students' perception of the evaluation: A case study. Educación XX1, 16(2), 321-342. >full text
Ricoy, M. C. & Valente, M. J. (2016) Digital mobile devices and skills to use in the "knowledge society". Convergencia, 70, 59-85 >abstract