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The Center for Qualitative Psychology was founded in 1999 to further develop and enhance qualitative research methods in the psychological field. It is especially committed to supporting qualitative methods for socially committed research, built on the tradition of qualitative psychology starting since the 1950ies, such as the use of observation, introspection, and interviews.

The center provides qualitatively working psychologists the opportunity for networking, for enhancing their expertise in annual meetings, and for engagement in international co-operation. The center aims to uphold the German tradition of qualitative psychology as well as to engage in an active scholarly exchange with the international community of researchers in psychology.

The center was founded in October 1999 in the department of educational psychology at the University of Tübingen and promotes qualitative research methods in the field of psychology.

XII  Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology (2011)

The topic of the XII Workshop of Qualitative Research in Psychology (2010) will be Qualitative Research in Attention to Diversity” from 8th to 10th April 2011 in Heidelberg (Germany). Visit the special web.

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